Before my life as a therapist I worked in HR, I commuted daily from Laois to Dublin, I really enjoyed my job and the people I worked with.

I enjoyed having treatments but didn’t treat myself very often.

When myself and my partner decided to start a family we assumed it would be plain sailing for us along the way, unfortunately my first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage, I didn’t realise how common they were until I went through it myself and was told that unless 3 pregnancies are lost in a row there’s no tests offered to find a cause.

Whilst I wasn’t ready to give up my dream of becoming a mother, I didn’t want to go through another loss so I looked at alternative therapies while also getting some private testing done, all my tests came back borderline so there was nothing definite causing our losses.

I began to have regular Fertility Reflexology & Fertility Massage Therapy and four months later I was pregnant again, this time I carried to full term and birthed a daughter who is everything I ever wanted.

Whilst there was technically never anything diagnosed causing my losses, my treatments I firmly believe helped my body to heal, balance and prepare to be able to carry a healthy baby.

It was then I realised I wanted to help other people the same way as I was helped, my one time therapist became my teacher and mentor, not only do I have her to thank for my daughter, but also for completely changing my focus in life.